how to dress from the age of 35

Comment s habiller a 35 ans 4This year, when I saw the size of my shorts, I felt naked. I don't know if you've ever had this impression, the impression of not being in tune with your look, that everything is too short, too cleavage, in one year, everything is tilted but no panic, we're not old  It's just that we've evolved and that to be in tune with your new yourself, your style must also evolve to reflect the beautiful, intelligent and fulfilled woman that you are ! From this step, then look at the tips and tricks to be in phase whatever your age.

Just like before, but a little less

I have long reflected (big existential reflection:) and been torn between what society dictates to us and my identity. No way for me to give up my look or at least are spirit. After all, you don't turn into someone else at this age, you evolve, nothing more. So, the whole question is: How to do the same, but differently? All the difficulty was there and after long intense and deep moments with the spirit of fashion that lives in me, I believe I understood the universal principle that can serve every woman, no matter their look or age without having to be violent.

I actually have a street style. I feel disguised as heels unless I am accompanied by a man at night, probably for context. How can you be cool and trendy without looking like a kid when you're 35? The answer is simple and valid if you are 45 or 65.

Trade your plunging necklines for a bare shoulder, sensual without being sexy.
Shorts and skirts under the buttocks are FINE, but don't panic! Half of the thigh passes very well!
Denims too destroy we forget and we move to wear parked, very worn but not punctured.
BE FEMALE! Break the styles: A worn jean and a nice muslin top.
The secret to not making a mistake
Quality materials, fluid and sober, neutral tones in trendy cuts. Buy less but better!

After 60 years, avoid patterns that are aging and switch to pastel colors with a pretty pale pink or peach blush for a healthy glow!

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