How high to carry a shoulder bag

A quelle hauteur porter un sac bandouliere 2

Once you've finished getting ready, getting dressed, it's time before you leave to choose your shoulder bag and there, impossible to know how high to wear it. So, for 20 minutes we try to adjust it by placing it lower or higher, at the shoulder or across the bust, grrrr that's not okay! We'll end up choosing a cover because it's so annoying, but don't panic because there's a solution to every problem. We will tell you a very simple secret so that you know exactly how you will carry your purse.

Do as you please

It's very simple. See where the hip is widest, at the tip of this one? Well place on it, it will make you fat a lot and that's why we don't usually manage to place our bag on the shoulder correctly because it's a precise point that is only played on a few centimeters. The goal, is to put your bag either just above or just below this place and that even if you wear it behind you. if you don't care about this, well then know that there are no rules at this level and that you can carry your bag to the height that suits you.

In front on your stomach, very short under your arm or long on your shoulder, you do absolutely what you want because the main thing is that you feel good. 

No outfit is beautiful if the woman who wears it is not well in her socks.

If your handle is not adjustable, see if you can make a knot inside under the flap. Now that you have the trick, you can get inspired with the shoulder bags for women from the HandBag shop:

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