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HandBag or the pleasure of shopping on a boutique offering a universe of products at the top of fashion to find the handbag for women brands, in the model of your choice to find the trendy look that you want, We spend a lot of time finding for you products with original design, quality and low prices so that the pleasure during your shopping resists even the checkout:). the perfect model for every outfit or moment. A universe where you can discover a collection of chic articles made of leather, fabrics or quality imitation leather that is constantly being renewed. From the purse or clutch to the shoulder strap, large tote bag, backpack or clutch bag, the unique and ideal model can be found at The accessories, whether they are top brand or not, are the reflection of our personality and the bag is essential to finish a look.

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Very regularly on Friday a promotion of 20% is offered to you on all the store by typing the code "friday" but not that ! Indeed, being a customer with us means enjoying incredible benefits throughout the year with discounts ranging from 10 to 70%.

You can also find all the latest fashion trends on our blog. Fashion or practical articles relating the news of the fashionable creators, the daily beauty as well as tricks not to be mistaken in the choice of its handbag.

HandBag wants to be fun because shopping is also a pleasure.

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On HandBag, you'll find a whole selection of trendy women's shoulder bags with a devastating look that will literally capsize you to reinvent yourself over and over again. Soft and light leathers, shimmering colors, an irreproachable quality at the right price that no matter what Cinderella you are, you will always find at our shoe to your foot.

Whatever your style or your age, you will find the model adapted to your needs whether it is for work, classes, shopping or going out in the evening.

Order safely with the best prices, receive your item in 3 days. If the item does not suit you, the return is free and we will fully refund your purchase or proceed to an exchange according to your expectations.

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    Comment s habiller a 35 ans 4This year, when I saw the size of my shorts, I felt naked. I don't know if you've ever had this impression, the impression of not being in tune with your look, that everything is too short, too cleavage, in one year, everything is tilted but no panic, we're not old  It's just that we've evolved and that to be in tune with your new yourself, your style must also evolve to reflect the beautiful, intelligent and fulfilled woman that you are ! From this step, then look at the tips and tricks to be in phase whatever your age.

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  • How high to carry a shoulder bag

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    Once you've finished getting ready, getting dressed, it's time before you leave to choose your shoulder bag and there, impossible to know how high to wear it. So, for 20 minutes we try to adjust it by placing it lower or higher, at the shoulder or across the bust, grrrr that's not okay! We'll end up choosing a cover because it's so annoying, but don't panic because there's a solution to every problem. We will tell you a very simple secret so that you know exactly how you will carry your purse.

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  • Why choose a leather handbag?

    Leather handbag 2If you are looking for a handbag that lasts over time, choosing it in leather is one of the best solutions but be careful, it does not necessarily mean that it is qualitative. Indeed, depending on how the leather has been treated, sewn and the animal from which it comes, you can have good or very bad surprises. Fortunately, many well-known brands offer you models of leather handbags perfect for everyday life such as Lancaster, Longchamp or Guess. But you don't have to pay astronomical sums to find a trendy and cheap quality model, you just have to look for some outside brands and you will be able to please yourself for less than 100 euros on stores such as La redoute or HandBag.

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  • Cool and fashionable bags for the spring summer season

    Sac ete printemps ete 2019

    Spring is here and summer is fast approaching! This is an opportunity to review the types of bags we will absolutely need this season.

    This year, the trend is towards natural materials such as wicker, straw or linen, homemade (genre), micro bags and still our indestructible powder pink. Whether you are bohemian or rather chic, rest assured, everyone will find their happiness there.

    Summer bags for the beach, work or simply to sip a glass on a coffee terrace enjoying the soft rays of the sun, timeless or fashion models to discover absolutely for an inspired look.

    Whether it's a tote bag, ethnic pouch or small handbag, you'll have no excuses for not asserting your look this year.

    You can now discover our selection: Summer bags.